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  Winners Concert—Concurso San Miguel 2016

Operatic Arias, Duets, and Ensembles with Ligia Cedillo, mezzo-soprano, first prize winner and audience favorite; Armando Piña, baritone, second prize winner; Graciela Morales, soprano, third prize and winner of the Edgar Mason Kneedler Award for Outstanding Interpretation and Style; Daniel Gallegos, baritone, fourth prize winner; Hector Valle, tenor, winner of the Oliver Deehan Memorial Prize; Salvador Ramos, bass, winner of the Herman Marcus Memorial Prize; Jessika Arévalo, soprano, winner of the Jose Mojica Prize and an Encouragement Grant; and at piano, Maestro Mario Alberto Hernández.

March 19, 2016, 2:00 PM—Auditorio Miguel Malo, Bellas Artes

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